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​Malaligned Jaws and Unequal Jaw Growth

Protruding Lower Jaw - Before Protruding Lower Jaw - After Open Bite - Before Open Bite - After

Sometimes an individual’s jaw fails to grow properly. This can lead to functional and psychological problems. Improper chewing, speech, and swallowing can occur as well as TMJ pain and malfunction.

Malalignment of teeth can often be corrected with orthodontics, (braces). Frequently however the jaw malalignment is so severe that orthognathic surgery (corrective jaw surgery) is necessary. Dr. Emmett works closely with the patient’s general dentist and orthodontist in the correction of these problems. Typically the teeth are straightened with a short course of braces prior to surgery. Corrective jaw surgery of one or both jaws then moves the teeth and the jaws into the most harmonious position available. A short course of post operative braces is then necessary for final alignment of the bite.

These surgeries are preformed in the hospital on an outpatient basis or with an overnight stay.

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