Surgical Procedures


Dr. Emmett is trained to manage all types of oral pathology from simple ulcerations to benign tumors of the jaw bones, and aggressive malignant tumors.

Dr. Emmett manages all benign lesions from the beginning to end whether they are as simple as non-healing ulcers to large benign jawbone tumors which need resection and reconstruction. Dr. Emmett is trained to reconstruct the jaw bone by using bone grafts which are typically harvested from the patient’s hip. Cancer patients can also be reconstructed with the same technique.

Malignant tumor patients are better treated in cancer centers. Dr. Emmett chooses to refer oral cancer patients to surrounding hospitals for their cancer surgery. He participates closely with the patient’s rehabilitation throughout their chemo and radiation therapy.


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Dr. Emmett has provided the  highest quality oral and maxillofacial surgery since establishing his practice in 1994.


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