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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder "TMJ"

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Dr Emmett is trained to treat facial pain patients. These ailments range from headaches, and ear aches, to malfunction of the "TMJ", (temporomandibular joint).

The TMJ is the small hinge joint for the jaw located in front of the ear.

TMJ disorder ("TMD"), causes symptoms like popping, clicking or grating of the joint. Headaches, earaches, and the inability to open your mouth are other common symptoms.

Arthritis is one cause of TMD. Both Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis can affect the TMJ.

Stress is also another cause of TMD. Mostly because clenching and grinding of the teeth are associated with stress. Painful spasms and muscle aches can occur in the muscles that enable us to chew our food.

Sometimes both joint and muscular problems exist together.

Once diagnosed, most treatment is very conservative and based around “self care” at home. Oral medications, physical therapy, and the fabrication of a plastic bite appliance eliminate most symptoms.

Advanced TMJ disorders can be addressed with minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery or more complex open joint surgery if the situation demands.

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